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A hidden bar where you can enjoy popular gyoza on the site of a former toy factory in Momodani 2-chome.

Momodani Ajito, a hidden bar where you can enjoy popular gyoza, has opened in the back alley of Momodani 2-chome (commonly known as “Momoni”), which has recently become a hot topic.

It is located on the north side of the evacuation road, close to the bustling Korean Town, and is a townscape that retains the retro appearance of the Showa era.

In an area lined with coffee shops and general stores that have been renovated from tasteful townhouses, a new space has opened in a former toy factory that has been renovated into a relaxing space with a calming interior.

You can enjoy a lunch cafe during the day and a bar and food at night. You can relax.

The main food menu is the fried gyoza from Ryukazan, a restaurant based in Sakai, Osaka that has been featured on TV and in magazines many times as a gyoza that goes well with white rice.

The store’s gyoza, which is popular as take-out gyoza, can also be eaten as a set meal at this Momodani store. Both grilled and raw gyoza are available for takeout.

Momodani 2-chome (Momoni) is attracting attention for its new area revitalization. We hope that our collaboration with the local community will help make the event even more lively.